Cinda Bond
    With more than 25 years experience working on public sector
    contracts and proposals, Cinda Bond knows business development
    from both sides — the owner’s and the consultant’s.

    She started her career as a federal contract administrator, preparing
    requests for proposals/bids and managing the evaluation and
    selection process at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in accordance
    with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Later, as a part of the
    consultant project management team, she served as the
    Procurement Manager for the $2.2 billion Tren Urbano rail project in
    San Juan Puerto Rico. She also helped develop solicitation
    documents for the $2 billion TREX, the $500 million Pasadena Gold
    Line and the Orange County CenterLine light rail projects.

    As operations manager for national firms — O’Brien-Kreitzberg and
    Carter & Burgess — she was responsible for winning new work
    including lead qualification, client management, staffing, teaming,
    proposals, presentations and contract negotiation. In more than 50
    proposals, her teams were short-listed on all but two. Her personal
    success rate is one-third of all projects pursued were won, resulting
    in service fees worth more than $100 million.

    Cinda manages the team, provides training, conducts training, does
    technical writing and provides overall coordination of proposal

    Katie Kennedy
    A talented human resource and project administration professional,
    Katie Kennedy worked for 15 years in staffing and consulting. As the
    owner of a sporting goods store, she learned the value of good
    customer service and flexible alternatives to every game plan. She is
    an experienced trainer and a good communicator.

    Katie manages the development and production of key elements of
    proposals including project experience and personnel resumes.

    Denise Trimble
    Denise Trimble has 15 years experience in marketing, recruiting and
    operations of service and construction organizations. Her experience
    as both a buyer and a seller of services gives her a great
    understanding about what works. Her service-orientation and keen
    eye for detail make her perfect for her typical role on our team — our
    beloved editor.

    Denise edits proposals and other marketing materials and assists
    with writing and production.

    Lisa Barbera
    For the past 15 years, Lisa Barbera has focused on business
    development and proposals for construction management and
    engineering firms. She is an experienced writer and a skilled
    translator of technical concepts into concise proposal language. She
    has led or participated in more than 140 proposals and developed
    more than 50 presentations for short-listed teams. In addition, she
    has led presentation rehearsals and served as a coach for presenting
    technical professionals.

    Lisa handles all elements of a proposal from preparing the Request
    for Proposals/Qualifications review memo, writing proposal sections,
    and creating graphics to managing proposal production.

    Stacey Dyke
    Stacey Dyke has been a marketing and business development
    professional in the AEC industry for 15 years, working as a
    consultant and staff for small and large firms in pursuit of vertical
    and civil construction projects for private development and public
    entities. Her marketing expertise includes strategic planning, pursuit
    management, technical writing, and interview coaching. In addition,
    Stacey has experience producing programs for professional
    organizations on local and national levels. As a consultant, she
    provides clients a range of marketing services, as well as works with
    principals and project managers to develop business for firms of
    varying disciplines.

    Stacey manages all elements of the proposal development process
    including drafting and editing proposal sections, creating graphics
    and managing proposal production.

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