Learn to Win More Work ...
    Increase your Win Rate!

    Winning new work is critical to the success of design and
    construction professionals.  Our six-module workshop helps your
    team practice and understand business development strategies, tools
    and lessons-learned.  The hands-on workshop format facilitates
    interaction between your experienced business developers and the
    rest of your team.  Participating together helps build a common
    frame of reference and overall approach for your pursuits and will
    increase your win rates!

    Each workshop is customized to your company and includes specific
    examples and lessons-learned to help participants clearly identify
    with the concepts.  We recommend presenting one module each
    quarter in your offices.

    Core Course (one day or two half-day sessions)
    Elements of a Win -- an overview of the business development and
    proposal process; emphasis on successful pursuits and what winning
    teams do.

    Participants will learn how to identify and qualify leads, develop a
    go/no go mentality, build a pursuit team and develop pursuit plans
    and winning strategies.

    Winning Strategies -- thinking strategically about your team's
    strengths, weaknesses and unique offerings; teaming and staffing for
    success; checklists to make sure all the bases are covered.

    Participants will learn a process for critically evaluating team
    strengths, develop a checklist for overcoming weaknesses, and
    further refine their skills in strategic plans for pursuits.

    Electives (half-day sessions)
    Relationships and Research -- building relationships with clients
    and teaming partners, identifying and qualifying prospects; building
    project knowledge base that will start you ahead of the competition.

    Participants will learn the benefit of relationship marketing; develop
    an understanding of how to conduct research about a client, project
    and the competition; will develop checklists to aid in verifying
    research; and will continue to refine their skills in strategic planning
    for pursuits.

    Punching Up Your Proposal Win Rates -- discussion about what
    makes proposals convincing; examples of successful proposal
    elements; customizing resumes; project experience and approach for
    each pursuit.

    Participants will evaluate proposal examples and identify effective
    elements (if desired, your proposals can be used for this exercise);
    learn why resumes and project profiles need to be customized for
    pursuits; and develop strategies for getting the attention (and votes)
    of reviewers.

    Scopes that Win -- hitting client hot buttons; tailoring work plans,
    management an technical content; customized templates that will
    allow you to focus on each project, every time.

    Participants will learn a process for writing project approach, project
    understanding and scopes of work that demonstrate the unique
    understanding and approach of your team; review examples of
    winning and losing scopes of work; and develop custom templates
    for their work.

    The Truth About Presentations -- information about what makes
    presentations effective; what clients really look for; the significance
    of question/answer segments; how to spend your preparation time

    Participants will learn what clients really want in presentations;
    review presentation skills and techniques; and practice strategies for
    effectively handling the question/answer segments of the
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