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    We want you to win all the work you can! Increase your win rate
    with the following proposal strategies:

    Contact your client.
    Ask questions. Listen. Take notes. Talk with them well before they
    issue an RFP. Winning teams have established relationships with
    their clients.

    Understand your client’s needs.
    All of them … what they say they need and what you know they
    need. Winning teams help their clients develop the issues and
    position themselves as the only ones to solve them.

    Respond to the RFP.
    Read it. Give everything requested, when and where requested.
    Follow the directions or lose! Winning teams make it easy for the
    reviewers to find all the information they need to choose their team.

    Express yourself well.
    Develop a clear, concise proposal that reflects what you’ve learned
    about the client and the opportunity, and highlights your
    qualifications for the award. Winning teams demonstrate their
    understanding of the clients’ needs and provide solutions.